James Bryan Creech Public Library

Library Mission Statement


To make readily available to Four Oaks residents library materials and information services proportionate to the levels of demand and use and to provide access to resources outside of the library’s collection.


To further the mission, the library puts forth the following values:


The library is an open, accessible facility which serves people of all ages, interests, and abilities with fairness and equality to the best of our ability.


○      The library is a community resource of enormous value, worthy of saving and protecting for the future.


○      The library affirms and ongoing commitment to excellence which is demonstrated by its collection, programs, and services.



○      The library Accepts and embraces change whenever appropriate to achieve excellence.


○      The library will enhance personal development or continuing education interests of its users by providing a suitable environment for such pursuits.



○      The library champions literacy as a critical element in our society and encourages community residents to become lifetime readers.


○      The library’s strengths are largely reflected in the employment, development and retention of qualified staff.



○      The library strives to accomplish its goals in a cost-effective manner.