James Bryan Creech Public Library

How You Can Help

We always have things that need to be done in the library. Can you shelve books? Would you like to help make new decorations? Maybe you'd just like to join us and play a game of checkers on our giant checkerboard? We are in need of volunteers for the summer reading program. There are always things that need to be done!

We also accept donations of new and gently used books and we will be glad to give you a receipt for tax purposes.

 Since our library runs on a tight budget, I do have a wishlist of items that we would love to have. It includes:

An overhead projector,

a laminator (small one available in the scrapbooking section),

craft items for the Summer Reading Program,

paper, including poster paper, construction paper,  decorative printer papers, a Cricut machine,

board games,


a working TV and DVD player, audio books on CD, a Wii and rated "E" games,

and bookcases (in great shape!) We are running out of room for new books!

We'd also LOVE to have incentives for the Summer Reading Program. We need them for kids of all ages, 3-18 years old. If you would like to make a donation and have no idea what would be appropriate, please call me and I can give you some great ideas!